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41" Edge 540 - Orange
Part Number 3DH-41EDGE-O
41" Edge 540 - Orange
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41" Edge 540

The 41 Edge is designed to be a great first balsa aerobatic aircraft. Inexpensive but high-quality, the Edge will impress you with its simple and quick assembly, honest and forgiving flight characteristics, and extremely high performance. Offering both precision aerobatics such as loops, rolls, knife-edge flight, snap rolls of all types, and all types of spins, as well as hardcore 3D with stable upright harrier, easy inverted harrier, harrier rolling, high-alpha knife-edge, hovering and torque-rolling, the Edge does it all with just a flip of the rates switch.

Removable wings make for easy transport while the stiff carbon wing tube withstands the very high G-loading of extreme aerobatics. Spring-steel wire landing gear means a rough landing won't cause damage and won't send you home for repairs - you can keep flying and enjoying!

Building Videos:

The 41" Edge is the subject of an extensive 15-part build video on YouTube, which 3DHS has produced to help you get the best results on your build. The video below is only part one. Please check out all of the build videos for the best tips on your 41" Edge project.

Build Manual:

Download the 41" Edge Manual Here


Winspan: 41"
Length: 38"
Wing Area: 375 sq. inches
Weight: 32-35 ounces with battery, RTF

Required Equipment


Omega 72g1100KV Motor  on 11 x 5.5 prop Recommended
Hacker A30-28S
E-Flight Park 480


Castle Creations Edge 50 Lite ESC


3S Lipoly 1350-2100mah. 1500-1800mah is recommended.




QTY 4 Hitec HS-45HB is the lightweight option, but these require perfect setup for best performance.
QTY 4 Hitec HS-65 (either HB or MG version) are approx 1 oz. heavier overall, but are much stronger and more rugged. Please see build videos #9 and #10 for full details on choosing servos.

Servo extensions:

QTY 2 12" for rudder and elevator
QTY 2 4-6" for ailerons
Please see build video #9 for more information on servo extensions.
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Customer Reviews
  This plane is beautiful. I could not be more happy with it. The quality of construction for the price is unbelievable. The covering was done perfect and on top of all that , It fly's like a dream. I will be buying more planes from 3DHS for sure.
  Reviewed by:  Josh White from Richmond, KY. on 8/29/2012
3dhs edge 41 reveiw
  love this plane, i am only 15 and have and have beat this thing to pieces. will hold up to the worst landings repeated many times in succession. Would recommended to anyone coming into 3d or balsa's. 3dhs is truly the best
  Reviewed by:  Daniel Whiting from Idaho Falls Idaho. on 1/2/2012
Love the 'Huck
  I've completed 7 flights on my 'Huck now, and I've gotta say it's a great little plane. I'm "new" to 3D flying, but this plane makes me look like a pro doing knife-edge, inverted, and lomcevaks. I haven't been able to hover yet, but that's my next challenge to tackle!
  Reviewed by:  Gary Ford from Las Vegas, NV. on 11/14/2011
Perfect first aerobatic/3D plane!
  This was my first true aerobatic/3D plane and my first balsa ARF, and I must say it couldn't have worked out better! Assembly is a breeze thanks to the build videos. Trimming the plane equally simple. On low rates it's very easy to fly. On high rates I could do wild aerobatics. I still have a lot to learn, but this little plane is a joy to learn on. If you're looking for an inexpensive, high quality plane with lots of potential as a next step after a sport plane, this is the plane!
  Reviewed by:  Pontus Rydin from New Jersey, USA. on 10/10/2011
Fantasic Buck Huck
  I never write reviews but this plane is awesome. Fantastic quality and great flying ability. Im sure ill get another 3DHS soon.
  Reviewed by:  Brad Collins from Largo Fl. on 9/10/2011
Excellent electric, wow!
  Just had my maiden flight, and this plane ROCKS! Impressive quality right out of the box. Super easy to put together, about 5 hours total. Great instructions! With HS-65s, Park 480 and 2200mah lipo, it CG'ed just perfect and was RTF at 2 lbs even. First flight was amazing, it lept off the ground and went vertical like a rocket. Roll rate is outrageous! Effortless spins, lomcevaks, blenders, etc. Superb flying characteristics!. Way to go 3DHS, awesome plane!
  Reviewed by:  Cheyanne Geist from Gray, LA. on 7/27/2011
I'm so glad!
  I am so glad I purchased this plane! For a "beginner" 3D airplane, it sure is great. I would go with their recommended motor, as mine (Scorpion SII-3008-1090) is too large to fit the cowl properly. A deal like this makes me think I'll never fly foam again!
  Reviewed by:  Gary Hernandez from Orlando. on 7/14/2011
Simply Amazing
  I have 50+ flights on this tough little bird. It is my "Go to" plane when I want to fly. Upright harriers so stable that you forget you are trying. She is so stout that when things go wrong you will likely just have to bend the landing gear back. Amazing flying plane well worth the Buck.
  Reviewed by:  Justin Husk from Portage Michigan. on 6/15/2011
"41 Edge review
  Excellent product and service. I had never owned a 3DHS plane before and I get what the hype is about. The hardware and covering were top notch and the price is outstanding..The combination with the Omega motor is spot on..In the air the plane is stable without any bad traits and quite floaty even on a 2200ma packs..Very easy plane to get hat "locked in" feel with.The wire landing gear is great and you`ll love how it just bends right back.. I already want a "68 Velox...
  Reviewed by:  Jason Mascow from Marietta, Ga.. on 3/6/2011
Great plane, worth value!
  This plane has great value! It is fast, powerful, and well designed. Build isn't hard and it looks great! I'm using the eflite 480 with a CC thunderbird 36 amp esc. I fly 8 minutes at high throttle and the motor is cold!
  Reviewed by:  Michael Kalua from Rohnert Park, California. on 1/23/2011
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